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Announcing the Spirit of Homecoming 2019 Winners!

UPC is pleased to announce the winners of the Spirit of Homecoming 2019 competitions!

Spirit Window Decoration Competition:

1st place: Delta Delta Delta
2nd place: Sigma Sigma Sigma
3rd place: Alpha Delta Pi

1st place: Phi Kappa Psi
2nd place: Pi Kappa Alpha
3rd place: Lambda Chi Alpha

1st place: Student Orientation Staff
2nd place: SOUL Camp
3rd place: Black Women’s Leadership Association (BWLA)

Faculty and Staff Door Decoration Contest:

1st place: Student Health Services
2nd place: Communicative Disorders Office
3rd place: Cashier’s Center

Homecoming Scavenger Hunt:

1st place: Lambda Chi Alpha
2nd place: Pi Kappa Alpha
3rd place: Kappa Delta

Homecoming Parade Float Competition:

1st place: Sigma Sigma Sigma
2nd place: Kappa Delta
3rd place: Delta Delta Delta

1st place: Pi Kappa Alpha
2nd place: Lambda Chi Alpha
3rd place: Phi Kappa Psi

1st place: Ragin' Cajun Water Ski Team
2nd place: Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
3rd place: Student Veterans Organization

The overall winners of the Spirit of Homecoming Competition are:

1st: Sigma Sigma Sigma
2nd: Delta Delta Delta
3rd: Kappa Delta

1st: Pi Kappa Alpha
2nd: Lambda Chi Alpha
3rd: Phi Kappa Psi

1st: Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
2nd: SOUL Camp
3rd: Black Women’s Leadership Association (BWLA)


Thank you to the 30+ organizations and departments that participated in the Spirit of Homecoming 2019 events!