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Lagniappe Day

***UPDATE 03/19/2020***

Out of concern and an abundance of caution, Lagniappe Day 2020 (originally scheduled for April 3rd) has been postponed. UPC will post any updates or new information on our website about possible rescheduling of Lagniappe Day or other UPC events as they become available.


Something extra. That's what Lagniappe Day is all about. With its beginnings in 1974, Lagniappe Day is a time-honored University tradition that gives students a chance to relax during a stressful spring semester. The high point of Lagniappe Day is a 8-10 ton crawfish boil where students can eat unlimited crawfish while sitting in the sun. Students also may canoe in Cypress Lake, or compete for the title of Canoe Races Champion. Coupled with a jalapeño eating contest and free giveaways for knowing a bit of UL Lafayette trivia, Lagniappe Day is the ultimate way for students to decompress and prepare themselves for the end of the semester. Lagniappe Day programmers have the privilege of actually joining the alligators in Cypress Lake by carrying on the spirit of the first lake jumper, Phil Beridon, who began the Cypress Lake Jump tradition in 1977.

 Planning for the 47th Annual Lagniappe Day 2020 is in the works! This event takes place at the Student Union, Cypress Lake, the Union Porch, and on Boucher Street. Below is the information for 2019's event, so give you an idea of what's in store!

2019 Events included:

11:00 am - Canoe through Cypress Lake

Grab a friend and canoe through our very own Cypress Lake starting at 11:00 am. Students will have the opportunity to take a quick paddle through the swamp and enjoy the view from inside! Register during Lagniappe Day at the check-in table right next to the swamp near the Union! Just don't tip over!

11:00 am-3:00 pm - Crawfish Boil

Join UPC for the biggest crawfish boil of the season with 18,000+ pounds of crawfish! This all-you-can-eat crawfish boil will only set you back one meal swipe (Students, Staff, and Faculty: $7.82). Cash and debit/credit cards will also be accepted. Students with a meal plan may pay with their Cajun Cards. The student who eats the most wins bragging rights for the year! Come hungry, y'all!

12:00 pm - Annual Lake Jump

Ready; set; splash! Each year a student jumps feet-first into the murky waters of Cypress Lake as part of Lagniappe Day. A memorial jump took place in 2007 after long-time lake jumper Phil Beridon passed away in 2006. Phil made his first splash back in 1977. The spirit of the legend lives on!

Be sure to bring your bathing suits (or your waders) for a quick swim through the swamp! Come watch (and join) UPC as the Lagniappe Day team jumps into the murky waters of Cypress Lake.

12:45 pm - Canoe Races

Do you have what it takes to race across Cypress Lake? Teams of 4-6 people will race for the title of canoe race champion! Whether you come to support your friends, to race or to watch your fellow students tip over, you won't want to miss this great event. Just watch out for the alligators!

12:00 pm - Jalapeño  Eating Contest

As if the day wasn't already going to be hot enough, now test your limits in our jalapeño eating contest! The student who eats the most jalapeños in one minute gets a basket of Lagniappe prizes (as well as lots of kleenex and a biiiig glass of milk)! Register to compete at the check-in table right next to the swamp! The contest will take place under the Union Porch. If you don't want to participate, you'll definitely want to watch!

12:00 pm - Presentation of UL Lafayette Class Rings